Project LIBIDO AIRBAG was formed in 1995 with the Mission to spread Electronic Sickness
over the Grind Scene.
Cuntslime Gurgling, Gonorrhea Regurgitation
Nocturnal Death Grunts and
Sado-Blasphemic Shrieks
of the Undead
Satanic Warlord of Unholy Soundscapes
Penetrator of Cum Guzzling Virgins
Bestial Toilet-Seat Sample
Bombardement and
Diarrhea Belches

Pontifex Porn
(NWC 666, RxAxPxE, Electro Toilet Syndrom)

pukes on: "Blood Orgy in the Crypt of ranssexual Cheerleaders" and
"Cum soaked Altar of the Tampon Beast"

(Hostile City Scumshot Crew)

pukes on: "Testosterone Zone"

Joaquim Prostatos Toreros aka Chinesen-Fiete aka Electro Jesus
(GUT, NWC 666)

pukes on: "Anal Ambush", "I piss on your Body Bag" and "Dykeslayer"

Senor Arsenio el Pussy Matador

pukes on: "Viagra Virtuoso"

Senor Andres de la Pussy Paella, Sir Snot Slurper, Don Castrato The Foreskin Swinger and The Furious Fistfuck Franky

pukes on: "Schokopforte"